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Grand Alarms welcomes the Smart Home technology to our family of home alarms. Now you can be in control of your home even when you're away. View your live cameras, arm and disarm your house, control your thermostat and lights, all from your smart phone, computer, laptop, or Grand Alarms Touch Pad.

We've made securing your home easier than ever. Are you ready to make your home smarter?

Make Your Home Smarter!

Home Alarms: What our customers are saying...

"Very satisfied with their service, they installed my home security system with great quality of work, efficient and great attitude towards work.


After installation they have walked me through how to use the alarm. It was really hassle free! I recommend them."

Home Alarms and Business Alarm Systems

Home Alarms: Protect your home and family from common threats by installing a Grand Alarms home alarms system today. Canada's leader in home security protection. Commercial Alarm Systems: Grand Alarms has helped large and small corporations across the country improve the safety and security of their facilities. Small Business Alarms: Our range of small business security alarms are designed for small businesses such as shops, offices and warehouses. Security Cameras: Our cameras are your most reliable source for home surveillance adding an extra line of protection for your peace of mind. Home Automation: Things are getting more cluttered and complicated, not more convenient. Wouldn't life be better if everything worked together? Home Comfort: No matter what your dream concept of Comfort is, our products can make it a reality. Never has living in ultimate comfort ever been so affordable. Smart Home Monitoring is now Available! 

Home Alarm Systems For Today’s Homes

Do you know enough about home alarm systems to keep your home secure? When it comes to your home, you can never be too safe. All it takes is one break in and everything you’ve saved is gone. Worse yet, what if someone is home when the break in occurs? These days more and more families are concerned for their safety. So when it comes to your home, how can you decide amongst all the home alarm systems which will best keep your family safe?

If you woke up in the middle of the nigh...

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