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Different Types of Home Alarms

Grand Alarms technology has made the advancement of home alarms grow exponentially in recent years. Home alarms are no longer just the security-monitoring systems they once were. Alarm systems from Grand Alarms are becoming integrated into every part of the home, including lighting, central vacuum systems, thermostats, and even theater systems. Now, home alarm systems provide you with the ability to control everything from one digital display. Grand Alarms’ home alarm systems put you in the driver’s seat and allow you to determine how to take care of your home.

When choosing a home alarm system, you can choose to have a wired home alarm system or a wireless home alarm system. When considering them, both types have pros and cons. If you were to opt for a wired home alarm system from Grand Alarms, professional installers would run all of the wires within the walls. The benefit of a wired home alarm system is that the door and window wires are less visible, and so, it is less likely that they could be tampered with. Also, all of the wiring is hidden, so there is nothing visible that might be less-than-attractive in your home. Wired home alarm systems can be a little more difficult to install and, thus, installation could take longer.

If you choose a wireless home alarm system from Grand Alarms, the equipment communicates via radio signals. There can some dispute that communication might be disrupted between wireless pieces of a wireless home alarm system, however, technology has advanced to where this is no longer an issue. A wireless home alarm system is easier and quicker to have installed by Grand Alarms professionals, but all of the pieces operate using lithium batteries which will have to be replaced from time to time.

Whether you choose a wired home alarm system or a wireless home alarm system, you can be certain that your home alarm system will be expertly installed and professionally monitored by Grand Alarms’ teams. You can rest easier at night knowing that your home and family are protected from security threats, carbon monoxide, flood, and more.
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