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Grand Alarms is ready to protect you, your family, and your valuables. With 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring, you'll feel safe knowing there are trusted professionals looking out for you.

Ask about our wireless alarm package which can include a wireless keypad, gsm communicator with line cut protection, lawn signs and sticker decals, wireless door & contacts, and wireless motion detectors.


Feel safe knowing your home is being monitored by security professionals 365 days a year.
Wireless contacts throughout your house will alert you when a door or window has been opened.
Our motion detectors will sense movement in your home but are also pet friendly.
Arm and disarm your home as soon as you walk in the door with your easy to use keypad.
Attach a wireless key fob to your keychain for easier arming and disarming with one click.
Heat and smoke detectors provide an early warning for your family allowing.
Let everyone know you are protected with a lawn sign and window decals.
GSM cellular backup provides peace of mind beyond a power failure.

Grand Alarms Review

"We have been with Grand Alarms for over 8 years. We just renewed with them recently because I was truly very happy with their service and their knowledgeable staff. I just upgraded my home to a smart home so now I can check in on my house when I'm away on business trips."


Wireless home alarms from Grand Alarms uses small radio transmitters which operates by small internal batteries. The radio transmitter communicates with the central control panel. Grand Alarms technological improvements have significantly decreased the likelihood of a false alarm due to a wireless system.


Wired home alarms from Grand Alarms runs wires directly through your home walls to a central control panel. Generally most wires are hidden to connecting motion detectors, doors and window contacts, and other products connected to the control panel.


Smart Home Security and Monitoring is now available. Take advantage of what technology has to offer with remote arming and disarming, live camera views, remote lighting control and more all from your smartphone, laptop, computer, or tablet all at a low monthly rate.

Home Alarms: Wireless vs. Wired

Grand Alarms delivers the most advanced and reliable technologies available today, and modern business alarm systems are available using traditional "hard-wired" alarm systems, or alarm systems based on newer wireless technology.The choice between wired home alarm systems and wireless home alarm systems has been hotly debated by business security professionals for many years. Wired alarm systems have always been the standard for reliable maintenance-free operation, but can be more complicated to install. Wireless alarm systems are generally easier and quicker to install, but they suffered a reputation for poor reliability and a tendency to generate false alarms—until recently.

Recent technology advances have greatly improved wireless home alarm performance, boosting the functional reliability of today's wireless home alarm systems closer to that of traditional wired alarm systems. In fact, modern "hybrid" security alarm solutions successfully blend both technologies, but key differences favor using one technology over the other in certain circumstances and with certain types of business construction.

Wired home alarms systems from Grand Alarms are wired directly through walls to a central control panel. Wired systems installations generally conceal all wires connecting motion detectors, window and door contacts, and other sensors connected to the central control panel. The "hard-wired" design is highly reliable, and virtually eliminates the possibility of false alarms.

Wireless home alarms systems from Grand Alarms usually use small radio transmitters operated by small internal batteries to communicate with a central control panel. The transmitters wirelessly signal the open-or-closed status of doors or windows to a central control panel. Improvements in wireless technology have greatly improved reliability and reduced false alarms, but wireless alarm components require periodic lithium battery replacements to maintain an operational business security system.

Today, "hybrid" alarm system solutions are available from Grand Alarms that contain a mix of both hardwired and wireless components. In some installation situations, using traditional wired components is simply not feasible for technical or aesthetic reasons. Wireless home alarm components can be substituted in situations where you wish to avoid unsightly wiring on wall or floor surfaces, or when installing traditional wire runs is too costly or complicated. Wireless alarm systems usually cost a bit more than wired systems, though wired systems can cost more to install. Regardless of which type of system from Grand Alarms you choose, our professional installation will ensure reliable security for your business, home and family for many years to come.

Contact a Grand Alarms Security Specialist to discuss the benefits of protecting your business with professionally-monitored wired and wireless alarm systems from Grand Alarms by calling 1-877-657-2121, or use our online Free Risk Assessment for your home alarm.

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