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Protect your home the smarter way with Grand Alarms.

It's time to control your entire home with our easy-to-use smart home app. Not only can you connect to your alarm system from your mobile device, but you can control your lights, thermostat, live cameras, and much more.

Smart Home App

Smart Locks

Smart Cameras

Smart Thermostat

Smart Lighting

Smart Garage Control

Convenience and Control

Your home- your control. Do you know what's happening at your house when you're at work? Do you know when the kids get home safely? You can know all of this and more with the Grand Alarms Smart Home App.

Remote Security

Live Video Monitoring

Energy Management

Remote Door Control

Easy to use smart home app

Our smart home app is easy to use and manage. Set your lights to turn on when the alarm sounds or have your lock automatically lock when you hit the away button on the alarm. Anything you want to customize for your home is easy to do with our app.

Create customized smart scenes

Let your smart home do the work for you. With customized smart scenes you can setup your home to do everything you want with the touch of one button.

Tap "Away"

Alarm On

Door Locked

Ac Turned off

"We love our smart home! Now I can see when the kids come home from school with my doorbell camera."