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In the event your trouble light is on press *2 to display the trouble conditions.
1. Service Required
ie. Low battery, Siren damage, etc.
2. Loss of AC Power
If the building and/or neighbourhood has lost electrical power, the system will continue to operate on backup battery for up to 24 hours.
3. Telephone Line Fault
The alarm has detected a telephone problem. Call your Telephone Service provider immediately.
4. Failure to communicate
The system attempted to communicate with the monitoring station but failed. This may be due to Trouble 3.
5. Sensor (or Zone) Fault
The system is experiencing difficulties with one or more sensors on the system.
6. Sensor (or Zone) Tamper
The system has detected a tamper condition with one or more sensors on the system.
7. Sensor (or Zone) Low Battery
If the system has been equipped with wireless sensors, one or more has reported a low battery condition.
8. Loss of Time & Date
If complete power was lost (AC and Battery), the time and date will need to be re-programmed. 

Press: [*][5] (current master code) [4][0] (new 4 digit master code) [#] 

Be very careful when changing your code. Any mistakes in this procedure will require a service technician at your premises. 

Do not use "0" as the first digit. You must use your new code to arm and disarm the system "BEFORE" using the STAY or AWAY button.

If your code does not work call for service immediately. Press the # key in the event you make an error entering your code.

To bypass zones, press [*][1]. The "Bypass" or system indicator will flash. Enter the 2-digit number for the sensor to be bypassed (i.e. 03 for sensor number 3).

To bypass an additional sensor, enter another 2-digit entry for the sensor. Press [#] to exit. The bypass or system indicator will stay on. The next time you arm your system, the zone(s) will be bypassed. 

For that one time only disarming will reset previous by passing (Zones are no longer bypassed). 

To active or deactivate the chime when opening doors or windows hold the "Chime" button for 3 seconds.

PDF Manuals:

Smart Home Manual (Coming Soon)

Alarm Reference Guide (Coming Soon)